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Chainsaw Basics, Part 2: How to safely fell a small tree. 

Event Date: 
Sun, 06/14/2015 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Chainsaw Basics, Part 2: How to safely fell a small tree.

The main points covered in class 1 will be reviewed first, then we'll head into the woods for a lesson in proper felling techniques. Topics covered will include planning before you cut, the must-do safety check, reactive forces, and directional felling. This class is open to students from Chainsaw Basics, workshop #4 only.
The Extension Forestry Program at UConn announces a year-long series of workshops for woodland owners and nature lovers. Welcome to Workshop #4 and Workshop #5: Chainsaw Basics for Women Only.

Approached by a logger? What should you do? 

Over the last few months I’ve been getting calls from landowners wondering if they should cut their timber and what they need to know to begin the process. Many have been contacted by a logger and realized there’s an opportunity but aren’t sure how to proceed. Woodland Stewardship Online is a great resource of woodland owners considering timber management. Several specific chapters will be referenced below.

If you’re considering harvest timber, rest assured there are resources to help you understand your options.

Reporting Income from Timber Sales 

by Tamara Cushing, Starker Chair of Private and Family Forestry, Oregon State University

That’s right, it is tax time again. I know, you didn’t need me to remind of you of that. For those of you who had a timber sale in 2014, you will need to report that income on your 2014 tax return. If you had the timber for more than one year, that income will qualify as capital gains income. Now why would that matter?  First off, you get a much better tax rate if the income is classified as capital gains. For 2014, the maximum capital gains tax rate is 20% while the ordinary income rate is a maximum of 39.6%! In addition, income that is classified as capital will not be subject to the self-employment tax. That is an additional tax of 15.3% for 2014!

2015 Starker Lecture Series: Douglas-fir 

Event Date: 
Thu, 01/29/2015 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Banner for OSU 2015 Starker Lecture Series

Oregon State University Announces the 2015 Starker Lecture Series.

The title of this year's series is "Douglas-fir: The legacy & future of the Pacific Northwest's most iconic tree."

Understanding GMO's and Forestry 

Guest post by Amy Grotta, OSU Forestry & Natural Resources Extension – Columbia, Washington & Yamhill Counties

Jack Nisbet's The Collector: David Douglas and the Natural History of the Northwest (Sasquatch Books, 2009).

Reviewed by Renee D'Aoust.

In 1824, London’s Royal Horticultural Society sent the young botanist David Douglas on an expedition to the Pacific Northwest to study and to collect native flora and fauna. The previous year Douglas had traveled from Britain to the East Coast of America where his natural curiosity and physical vigor allowed him the constant pursuit of plants requested by the Royal Society. That trip animated Douglas’s desire to explore the Pacific Northwest.

Congratulations Barb Spears! 

In the wake of Thanksgiving I find myself reflecting on the things and people that make the world a better place. Barb Spears is one of these women. She is a founding contributor to the MN Women's Woodland Network (MN WWN). She's the dedicated leader of the Twin Cities, MN local chapter of the MN WWN. Barb’s also the driving force behind the program’s current direction. But amazingly all this work helping women woodland owners is only a small glimpse of the amazing professional and volunteer efforts Barb has done for forestry over the years.

Living in a Fire Adapted Environment 

Every tick is a fire scar, telling our fire history. The only constant is change.

This saying attributed to Heraclitus resonates strongly with those of us who spend time in forests. You have to look closely for the clues: stumps or lack thereof, holes and mounds, scars, downed logs, clues that tell the story of an ever-changing landscape.

Women's Chainsaw Class 

Event Date: 
Sat, 09/20/2014 - 10:00am - 4:00pm

Women’s Chainsaw Class – Back by Popular Demand!

Date:  Saturday, September 20, 2014

Time:   9:30 Registration and Refreshments       

           10:00 – 4:00 Class

Would you stay or would you go?  

There is a group of women in North Central Minnesota, who live "out in the woods" in various rural areas, usually 15 to 30 miles away from pretty much everything, and get together regularly for outdoor activities, friendship, and support.  They had a discussion on the question, "Would I stay or would I go."  What would you do if your partner was no longer with you.  Would you stay up here?  What would convince you to stay?  What would convince you to go?