2014 Oregon Women Owning Woodlands Retreat 


Registration is now open for the 2014 Oregon WOWnet retreat. Join us for three days of forestry, creativity, and sharing.






Topics covered include:

  1. Tools of the Trade
  2. Selling wood and non-timber products from your land
  3. Creative Writing
  4. Wildlife Viewing, Monitoring and Habitat Enhancement
  5. Managing Woodlands for Complexity, Health, and Resilience

Register soon, space is limited!

Would you stay or would you go?  

There is a group of women in North Central Minnesota, who live "out in the woods" in various rural areas, usually 15 to 30 miles away from pretty much everything, and get together regularly for outdoor activities, friendship, and support.  They had a discussion on the question, "Would I stay or would I go."  What would you do if your partner was no longer with you.  Would you stay up here?  What would convince you to stay?  What would convince you to go?

Play Clean Go Day - Saturday, June 14 

Play Clean Go Day, Saturday, June 14


Play Clean Go Day - Saturday, June 14 

Play Clean Go Day, Saturday, June 14


Useful Advice: Ask Questions! 

Guest post from Wilma B of Indiana: Ask your state forester questions.  My forester answered my questions and encouraged me to attend local woodland committee meetings where I heard much helpful information. At field days and workshops, I was able to see and hear what others were doing and who they hired to do it if they couldn't do it themselves.

Read the forester re-inspection reports and discuss with consulting foresters the next steps. Pre- and Post- harvest conferences with state and consulting forester are also very helpful to hear their ideas. I'm also thankful I could take a woodland owner short course to get more in depth information about forestry.